Portrait Stone Engraving Ontario
Portrait Stone Engraving

The art of engraving photos in stone, etching pictures into stone and stone carving images into rock from your photos.

We started engraving portraits into stone and engraving photos into stone to satisfy requests from our customers to provide custom engraved portrait memorial stones with photos of their loved ones or pets engraved deep into the stone. Slowly this grew and now we engrave images from photos into stone for wedding gifts, pet memorials, memorial stones, dedication plaques and tree memorial rocks.

All the artwork for engraved portraits is created by our talented artist in house and is based upon the customers supplied photo. The engraved stone portrait artwork we create allows us to make detailed, true to life stone etchings that accurately capture the original photo. Everything from start to finish is done in house, a quality product made right here in Canada.



We are one of the only companies in Canada to engrave hand drawn portraits on unpolished stones.

Our competitors cannot match or reproduce the quality and accuracy of our carved in stone portrait engravings. Laser engraving has many limitations but with our sandblast process we can engrave into any colour or type of stone and we are able to carve the engraved design deep into the stone. There is no stone too big or hard, we do them all. Please be sure to check out our photo galleries to see some of the photos we have engraved. These make wonderful unique gifts, tributes and keepsakes to a loved one or favorite pet, please visit our online shop or email us today.

Most of our stone we use to create our portraits engraved in stone, is sourced right here in Ontario & we have some of the hardest stone in the world, extremely hard & very durable so you know it will last for a VERY long time maintenance free.