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On Site Engraving
On Site Engraving

Onsite stone engraving Ontario and portable rock engraving, onsite stone engraving in Ontario for address stones, engraved number stones and hand carved stones.

Engraved stones, boulders and rocks have been used for centuries to enhance the landscaping that surround buildings and homes. At one time most people associated stone engraving with gravestones but today it is very affordable and utilized in many different applications. Onsite engraving is the ability to take portable stone engraving tools & equipment right to the job site and provide a quality stone engraving carved into the stone with crisp clean lines.

Important fact: If a contractor gets hurt while working on your property or home and they do not have liability coverage, your home insurance will be used to cover their medical bills and damages. Always ask for proof of liability and WSIB coverage before allowing anyone work on your home or property.



Engraving boulders is our specialty.

Stone Engraving Ontario

It is best to engrave a large stone after it has been placed into the final position. Trying to level an engraving on a large stone after it has been engraved can be difficult and generally requires large equipment. There is always the risk that the stone will get bruised or the engraving will be damaged during the leveling process. At rockyourworld we are fully equipped to engrave stones onsite in busy environments like street corners or remote locations. Our portable compressor runs all of our tools and we do not require access to electricity or water on site. Sandblasting is the core of our business but there is no substitute for hammer, chisels and arm power. With this combination we are able to make deep, detailed engravings into any type of stone or rock. We get asked, what can’t you engrave and the answer is, if you can imagine it then we can engrave it. From photos to landscapes, cars or animals, we are only limited by your imagination. We take every precaution possible to minimize the possibility of dust exposure to people or animals that may be in the area during engraving. As well our operators are fully trained and wear all the required safety equipment. Incorporate stone engraving into your next landscaping or house improvement project and we look forward to making your vision a reality!

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On Site Engraving Ontario

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