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Helping schools, churches, community groups & organizations exceed their Canadian fundraising goals.

Welcome to Fundraising Canada, the leading Canadian fundraising campaign supplier providing engraved bricks for fund raising across Canada. Our product is known by a few names such as engraved bricks, brick engraving, engraved pavers and etched bricks. We are proud that everything is done inhouse using Canadian fundraise products manufactured in Canada, we are the largest engraved brick supplier for fundraising in Canada. Our comprehensive Canada Fundraising package and our calculator for fundraising in Canada can be downloaded here. We have helped many organizations like yours fundraise thousands of dollars with our effective and proven fundraising program.

Brick Fundraising

Conveniently located just north of Toronto Ontario, we engrave fund-raising products such as engraved wall tiles, floor tiles and engraved paving stones also known as engraved pavers or engraved bricks. We also engrave clay thin bricks which are perfect for fundraising and can be used for walls located outside or indoors. We provide fundraising services to schools, churches, non profits, hospitals, sports clubs, private groups and community organizations across Canada. We can produce any quantity of engraving to support your fundraise program so please contact us to see what we can do for your organizations fund raising programs. With our expertise and experience, your group can offer quality, personalized engraved bricks, donor bricks and engraved pavers at an attractive price that will be cherished for years to come. If you are a school fundraising, church, sports club, non profit or other community based organization and looking for a way to raise money then you have come to the right place. Our fundraising products are perfect for engraved brick walkways, memorial gardens or memorial walls and our fund-raising program is designed to help you run a successful fundraise campaign. Below we have included some answers to common asked questions.

Brick Fundraiser


Do you have a fundraising brochure?

Yes, we have a comprehensive, professional fundraising Canada package and we have a fundraising calculator that will be a big help with your project, please click on the ‘CONTACT’ menu item and select ‘DOWNLOADS’


Why do a brick fundraising program?

No upfront capital expenses, you collect your money and then you pay for the engraved bricks. Engraved bricks have a proven track record and have been used with success to raise substantial revenue for many great causes. No need to think of a new fundraiser next year, just add on to your initial program. These bricks sell themselves once they are in place and in view of your potential buyers.


Do you offer tiered pricing or minimum quantities?

We do not use a tiered pricing format and we have no minimum quantities. Tiered pricing and minimum quantities is great for the engraving company but it does not support the customers fund raising needs. We offer our best price regardless of quantity and in this way we are both vested to make your program a success. It also provides a consistent model for future planning as many successful projects span a couple of years.


Should I have 4×8 pavers, 8×8 pavers, 12×12 pavers or all?

All. The goal of any fundraising campaign is to raise revenue. By offering multiple products you can tier your pricing to make additional revenue. Individuals, families and business sponsors will often step up to a higher donation for more lines of text or logos for greater visible recognition. Our most successful brick fundraising projects have used tiered pricing.


When should I start my brick fundraising program?

As soon as you can. The longer the timeline between marketing and installation, the more bricks you will sell. The first steps are simple and we can help you to get your program up and running quickly. Our experience shows that successful marketing leads to successful fundraising.


What process do you use to engrave bricks?

The process we use to engrave our bricks is sandblasting. This allows us to provide a deep, permanent engraving, the engraved areas are then painted with the best stone paint available.