Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone

Unique & timeless, all natural stone products to create custom engraved memorial stones.

The loss of a loved one or the passing of a special friend or companion is a traumatic and life changing event and although we know that death is inevitable, it is still a shock and illustrates how fragile and unexpected life can be. Many people wish to memorialize their loved ones with a memorial stone and at rockyourworld, we combine the beauty of natural stone and quality stone engraving to create unique and memorable stone tributes that will stand the test of time. Whether your engraved stone is used as a grave marker, headstone or memorial garden stone, it will serve as a unique reminder of a loved one or special person and the friendship and love that you shared. Our memorial stones also make unique and touching gifts so let us engrave your expressions of love, humour and passion into a one of a kind personalized keepsake, garden stone or monument.

We have a lot of stock images, clip art and fonts to choose from or we can turn your photo into an image that can be engraved onto your custom memorial stone. Please be aware there is a small artwork charge for this service.

Engraved Headstones and Tombstones Monuments

Memorial engraved stones are available on river rocks, slate, granite slabs, black granite tiles, rough split field stones, natural boulders and traditional stones. Please visit our galleries, our online store or feel free to contact us by email, text or phone. We use all natural stone products most sourced here in Ontario, granite is hard and extremely durable so it will last a VERY long time.