Dear Valued Customers,

Due to a significant increase in order volume, scarcity of raw materials, and reduced staff due to social distancing, some orders are taking longer to create than our pre-COVID-19 timelines.

Like your neighborhood Walmart, Home Depot etc... We have had to reduce our staff and put the safety of our employees as a priority. Our staff is unable to do this work from home due to the hands-on nature of what we do. We are putting our safety, and that of our families at risk to come to work and prepare the orders. In doing so we have had to take measures to ensure our safety. This means that responses to your inquiries may take longer, order processing and mock-ups may take slightly longer, and some services (bring your own stone) are not being offered at this time.

Most customers are very understanding of this new normal for all business, but there are those who hold our business at pre-COVID standards, write nasty emails, and give our company negative reviews because we are unable to respond, and produce as fast as we did pre-COVID. 

We ask for your understanding and patience as we do our part to limit the spread of the virus. We are all working very hard on a daily basis to fulfill all of your orders. 

If you have not yet ordered, and we are unable to get back to your inquiry in a timely manner, please contact the next engraving business WITHOUT the nasty email / review / voicemail. If you are one of our valued clients and we missed your call, we kindly ask that you send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are all trying to do our best to get through this pandemic while staying healthy. The new reality is that many businesses are closed, and those that remain open are doing so at a limited capacity. As Canadians we are better than attacking businesses who are doing their best to stay open during a pandemic. 

 If you have read this, and you would still like to order a stone from the BEST stone engraving company in Canada, and you don't mind waiting a few weeks to get your stone, then please enjoy this 10% off coupon for your order (below). To all that have read this far, Please stay safe out there.

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